Data protection conditions

1. Participation in the campaign is voluntary

2. The data collected shall be used as follows:

  • The submitted personal data (name and e-mail) will be used by the University of Tartu only to provide feedback and to draw prizes.

  • When submitting the questionnaire, the observation form collects a one-off IP address, which is not used in further processing and is not disclosed to third parties.

  • If your current location (with GPS coordinates) is shared via the observation form, we use this information to determine the location of the Primula veris observation.

3. We use observational data for research in an anonymous form to assess the condition of Primula veris in Europe. The data processing is performed by researchers from the University of Tartu and campaign partners.

4. I give permission to use the photos sent via the website within the framework of the citizen science campaign "Looking for Cowslips". The sender of the photos grants the University of Tartu the right to use his / her photos without paying a fee and without asking for a separate permit. The University has the right to distribute photographs and make them available to the public, to include them in its information and presentation materials, website, social media channels, materials of events and exhibitions, including together with works by other authors.

5. Data protection is based on the data protection policy of the University of Tartu

If you have any questions about your data and its use, write to


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